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Wee Three: A Mother’s Love in Verse by Marta Moran-Bishop with Helen Springer Moran Illustrations by Hazel Mitchell


wee three“Wee Three” is a charming and delightful collection of poems for children. Marta Moran-Bishop truly captures the voice and curiosity of a little child.

 The detailed pen and ink illustrations by Hazel Mitchell, bring the text alive. Her lovely, delicate artwork puts me in mind of my favorite A.A. Milne books as a child. The watercolor on the front is colorful and full of sunshine.

“Wee Three” is the “Now We Are Six” of the 21st Century. I loved the poems and illustrations in this beautiful little book. My granddaughter, who is three, particularly loved “Upside Down Land”. My favorites are “Lonely” and “When I’m A Lady”.

This is a wonderful book to share with children and awaken their love of poetry. I highly recommend “Wee Three” for children of all ages—and adults who are children at heart.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

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Recreational Vehicles on Fire – A Book of Poetry by Jane Ormerod



Jane Ormerod’s Recreational Vehicles on Fire is a unique collection of modern poems. Often taking interesting shapes on the page, the poems create vivid images. The poems are sometimes more about the sounds created by the words than the actual meaning. Ormerod plays with sound alike words, weaving intricate patterns through her poems.

Ormerod uses poetic devices like alliteration, consonance and onomatopoeia (sound words), to create aurally fascinating works. The poems are visually and verbally engaging, making Recreational Vehicles on Fire a true work of poetic art.