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Starship Invasions – Old Style Sci-Fi


Welcome to a world not so very different from our own, yet infinitely strange. That’s what you’ll find in Starship Invasions by Barbara Custer and Tom Johnson.

The pair of authors alternate stories, weaving an interesting, and sometimes disturbing, image of what’s to come—or what might already be.

Barbara Custer’s stories tend to be more other worldly, interacting with aliens and the like. Her stories make the reader stop and think about the possibilities. Could aliens live among us? Have they concealed themselves to fit in? Have they unwittingly mated with Earthlings in order to create a hybrid race?

These stories also reflect Custer’s own concerns about the future of healthcare in the United States, often featuring a hospital executive more worried about the bottom line than whether the patients receive care.

Tom Johnson’s tales follow a character named Eddy Edwards, a former military man who now works for a group who investigate UFO’s. Thrown into a variety of eerie circumstances, Eddy pursues his goal of extraterrestrial investigation. Along the way, he meets an alien by the name of Stuanofu, who rescues Eddy more than once.

Eddy’s investigations take him from a small west Texas town to Area 51 and on to Kansas. He follows leads, avoids danger and searches for the truth.

Johnson’s final story in the collection, Mesa of Terror, sets Eddy aside and focuses on a young man named Don Donovan. He and his friends save the world from an ancient menace.

 Starship Invasions is a wonderful collection of science fiction short stories that take me back to my youth. I highly recommend this short story collection to anyone who likes thought provoking, diverse and fun fiction.

Five Golden Acorns