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Sword Sisters – A Red Reaper Novel by Tara Cardinal and Alex Bledsoe


sword sisters coverAella is the last of the Reapers—a race who are a hybrid of demon and human. All products of violence, Reapers stand together to protect humans from demons. Aella’s job, according to prophecy, will be to protect the new king. Only thing is, he hasn’t appeared yet! She spends her days in training, being chastised and bullied by the very people who should be nurturing her, the Reapers.

Growing up in the clutches of her demon father, Aella has known torture—both physical and emotional. Despite that, she is a good person with a strong sense of what’s right. Unfortunately, her definition of justice and righteousness doesn’t always jibe with the ideals of the Reapers.

Fed up with her lot, Aella leaves to find the one person who was ever kind to her—a human boy named Aaron. She finds the spot far from home, where he helped her. He isn’t there, but Aella finds far more than she bargained for.

Not only does Aella help a small village, she discovers she is more capable and skilled than she thought. She faces adversity, battles a god and learns the value of friendship.

Aella is a marvelously complex character. Her confidence and doubt constantly war within her. She wants desperately to be loved, but isn’t sure what to do with it when she finds it.

Cardinal and Bledsoe have woven a complex tapestry of a tale with Aella dashing about in the middle, alternately tearing it up and repairing it. She is a remarkable character and I can’t wait to read more about her.

For more about Aella, look for the movie, The Legend of the Red Reaper, written, directed by and starring Tara Cardinal. It’s an independent film with lots of action and swordplay.

I greatly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a ripping good tale of sword wielding adventure.

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© Dellani Oakes 2014

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Badeaux Knights – Suzette Vaughn


badeaux knightsSonja Mitchell is running from an abusive boyfriend. She returns to the one place she feels really safe, the home of Nick and Kaleb Badeaux. She hopes to escape, only to have her ex redouble his efforts, threatening her and the two men she loves.

Vaughn’s story immediately draws the reader into a world that’s a mixture of modern and arcane. The Badeaux brothers are two of the sexiest romantic heroes of all time. This novel leaves the reader breathless, wanting more.

This story is an atypical love triangle between Sonja Mitchell, a young woman in an abusive relationship, and two brothers, Kaleb and Nicholas Badeaux. Running away from her abusive boyfriend, Sonja seeks refuge with the Badeaux brothers, embroiling them all in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with her sadistic ex. Badeaux Knights is exciting, seductive, terrifying! I couldn’t put it down!

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