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In the Shadow of Elvis – Perils of a Ghost Writer by Rico Austin


shadow of elvisRico Austin has done it again, serving up a double shot of reality. His new book, In the Shadow of Elvis, Perils of a Ghostwriter, chronicles his adventure ghostwriting for John Dennis Smith (aka Johnny Starr) the legitimate – illegitimate son of the late great Elvis Presley.
Like My Bad Tequila, Rico’s award winning novel of his early life, In the Shadow of Elvis, Perils of a Ghostwriter is more than just a story about writing a book. It’s a story of love, fear, friendship and understanding. It makes the reader laugh loudly, giggle or shed a silent tear.
Rico Austin’s laid back style makes reading his book easy – but the emotions and situations he explores are anything but simplistic. A chance encounter with someone in San Francisco may have changed his life forever. But even that black cloud doesn’t get him down. He soldiers on with an indomitable spirit and unwavering faith that few people have.
In the Shadow of Elvis, Perils of a Ghostwriter, is a journey through Rico’s life and an in depth study of his emotions and thoughts. It is a book I will long love and you will too.
Incredible. Marvelous. Rico.rico austin
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