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Troianne: Time Travel Society Series Book 1 by Crystal Miles Gauthier


1 Troianne

He said all the right things… then left her alone. Troianne Shelden is your everyday, intelligent student. With a love for history and a stunning figure, she’s a catch for any guy. But after a night of passion with a handsome stranger, introduced to her by their mutual friends, she finds herself pregnant with nowhere to turn for advice. Her parents passed away long ago and, soon after Troianne finds out she’s pregnant, her grandmother passes, too. Left with a large inheritance, she looks forward to life with her new baby. Fate takes the wheel when she goes into labor. On her way to the hospital, she passes out from intense pain and wakes up in a very different place… The next thing she knows, she’s hearing carriage wheels and voices shouting for help. Lightning illuminates the inside of what was, only moments before, the back of a taxi cab. When the door opens, she’s greeted by a handsome man dressed like he stepped out of the past. In shock, she realizes that she’s somehow traveled back in time… and she has no idea how to return.

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The Displaced Detective – At Speed by Stephanie Osborn


displaced detective at speedSherlock Holmes like you’ve never seen him before – in modern America. Through an accident with Dr. Skye Chadwick’s Tesseract machine (told in The Displaced Detective – The Arrival) Holmes ends up in our reality. A fictional character in our time stream, in his, he is very real.

Asked to assist in an investigation, Holmes puts his cognitive abilities into high gear to find the master mind behind the sabotage of the Tesseract device. At the end of The Arrival, they have found several of the conspirators, but their leader and a few members remain at large. It’s up to Skye and Holmes to find them.


Stephanie Osborn has truly captured the essence of Sherlock Holmes and lovingly depicts him as a man with strong passions. He adapts well to the present, but much of the Victorian Gentleman remains. With the love and support of Skye Chadwick, he manages to find his way in a sometimes puzzling world.

Skye Chadwick is as fascinating a character as Holmes. She’s complex, brilliant and confuses the hell out of Holmes on more than one occasion. She is the perfect counterpart to Holmes.

This fast paced novel draws the reader into a world where the improbable is possible. I greatly enjoyed The Displaced Detective – At Speed and highly recommend both books to any readers who like a great mystery and adventure. Fans of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy seeing their hero brought to life and updated.

Five Golden Acorns
© Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes is the author of Indian Summer, Lone Wolf and The Ninja Tattoo. Look for them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

The Case of the Displaced Detective: The Arrival – Stephanie Osborn


displaced detective arrivel coverDr. Skye Chadwick is brilliant, dedicated and committed to her pet project – The Tesseract. It’s purpose? To observe alternative dimensions. As such, the group adheres to a strict hands off policy.
During one such viewing, Dr. Chadwick finds herself unable to adhere to the hands off directive. Jumping into the scenario, she breaks apart two combatants. One tips out of the Tesseract ring and into the future. The other tumbles over a cliff, dying at the base of the waterfall.

Enter Sherlock Holmes. Due to Skye’s interference, Holmes is hurled into her reality, his own closed to him forever. Unable to return to his dimension, Holmes must adapt to ours.

The game’s afoot when the base security finds that a spy ring plans sabotage somewhere on the base. Wisely, the base commander asks Holmes to investigate. Skye, who is working with Holmes to acclimate him, tags along, helping with the investigation. And therein lies a tale….

Skye Chadwick is a wonderful, caring person. A scientist, she is a stickler for detail. Like Watson in her skills with weapons, she is also like Holmes in her deductive reasoning and observational skills. She is the perfect counterpart to the ‘modern’ Holmes.

Stephanie Osborn artfully brings the character of Holmes into the 21st Century. Her depiction of his Victorian mores in modern times adds great depth to his personality. She lovingly brings Sherlock Holmes alive.

I highly recommend The Case of the Displaced Detective: The Arrival to anyone who loves a good sci-fi/ mystery. I look forward to reading the second book in the series The Case of the Displaced Detective: At Speed.

Five Golden Acorns
© Dellani Oakes
Dellani Oakes is the author of Indian Summer, Lone Wolf and The Ninja Tattoo. Look for them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.