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The Tenth Circle – Jon Land


tenth circle jon land

What do a mime, concert pianist, commandos and pool cue wielding retired Marines have in common? They’re all in Jon Land’s latest book, The Tenth Circle.

Blaine McCracken is back, fighting to find who is behind acts of terror on American soil. With his good friend, John Wareagle, and a host of others, McCracken beats the odds once more.

This is a butt kicking, bullets flying, hair raising, edge sitting novel from start to finish. My first Jon Land book, it won’t be my last. I must go back to the beginning of the series by this great author.

The Tenth Circle is packed with action, intrigue, surprises and spine tingling events that leave the reader hoping they never come true. Each chapter compels the reader to continue, driving the plot forward like a runaway train.

Dialogue is strong, each character having his own unique style. I particularly like “herb smokin’” Captain Seven. He always refers to McCracken as “McNuts” and speaks to him with contempt, though his respect for Blaine is evident.

The characters in this book are wonderful. They’re strong and capable, yet each has a core of vulnerability that they do their best to hide. These weaknesses actually give them the determination to forge ahead, completing the job laid out ahead of them. They seem to jump off the page, ready for action and Jon Land gives it to them. I hope, although Blaine McCracken is older, he will never fade away.

There is a wonderful moment which depicts McCracken to a T. A man he meets at the site of one of the terrorist attacks, hands him back his phone, which he’d dropped.

Keep this handy in case you need to call 9-1-1.”

McCracken’s response – “I am 9-1-1.”

A favorite scene takes place at the Washington Armed Forces Retirement Home. I won’t give any spoilers, suffice to say that Blaine McCracken isn’t the only old guy who can kick butt.

You can be sure I’m now going to read all the Jon Land books I can find.

5 Golden Acorns for Jon Land, Blaine McCracken and The Tenth Circle.

© Dellani Oakes

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