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Wil Makes a Discovery in The Maker by Dellani Oakes


Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

The Maker frontThe Halls of the Hallowed Dead are the only structure that still exists on the the surface of Shakazhan. It is an ancient place of burial for the warriors of the Timokuan people. Each warrior’s essence is preserve there for posterity, their voices recounting their accomplishments for anyone who will listen. Since it’s not integral to the functioning of the planet, Wil and his people haven’t fully explored it.

Wil has been to preoccupied with mending the Sentience’s networks to worry about the Halls, though he knows that the sentient robots have been repairing and restoring it. At the moment, it’s the only way in or out of the Sentience’s lair.

Muttering to himself, Wil walked down the long corridor from the Sentience’s lair to the Halls of the Hallowed Dead.

Wil felt compelled to deviate a little further to the west than usual and wandered to the very end…

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Red River Radio Presents What’s Write for Me with Cindy, JM and Maya


Dellani Oakes


Sumer Is Icumen In! Though I’m tempted to burst into song, I’ll spare my audience hearing me sing. But I still intend to talk to three amazing authors. Two are new and one’s a returning guest—and we’re so pleased to have them with us. WEDNESDAY, May 31—Make Note of the Special Day—we welcome these lovely ladies. Same time – 4:00 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio



First, returning guest, Maya Tyler author of Vampire’s Tale and Dream Hunter. Welcome back, Maya!



New to the show, we welcome Cindy Tomamichel author of Druid’s Portal: The First Journey. Hello, Cindy!



Also new to the show, welcome JM Robison author of The War Queen. Hello, JM!


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MY Work in Progress for my children’s chapter book: The Great Snowball Escapade!

MY Work in Progress for my children’s chapter book: The Great Snowball Escapade!

Cereal Authors

The Great Snowball Escapade, by me, JD Holiday  is a chapter book for children 6 to 9 years of age. I first completed the drawings and then inked them with waterproof Indian ink artist pen. There are 3 of the 25 drawings from the process.

This is the first page.

Page 5

Page 6

In the story, Wilhemena Brooks,’ cousin, Bud Dumphy come to live with her family. Wil, as she likes to be called, finds her pink pencil sharpener is missing after Christmas. Wil knows Bud has it! Who else would have taken it?

Bud doesn’t like girls! In fact, Bud doesn’t like anybody. Wil tries to ignore him but he pulls her friends hair, taken over games, and when Bud is in trouble he making his “you’re going to got it” face at her.

After a snowstorm closes school, Wil and her friends go sled riding. Bud shows up and…

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Snippet from A Small Medium at Large by Stephanie Osborn


Cereal Authors

a small medium at large stephanie osbornWhen Ke’ri Gla’d’s caught a cab at her hotel to head for the Machpelah Cemetery late on Halloween, she was unaware that a certain black Lexus, some distance behind, was following her to that same destination.

“Not too near, not too far,” Romeo said to India, as he drove down the street, following the yellow taxi, several cars in front.

“Here’s hoping she doesn’t catch on, and that she doesn’t make too many detours,” India agreed.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind a drive-thru, which she might do, given how much she been eatin’,” Romeo decided.

“You’ve got no room to talk, honey!” India exclaimed with a laugh. “I swear, both your legs are hollow. I don’t know where you put it all!”

“An’ there she goes, into th’ coffee shop drive-thru,” Romeo said in satisfaction. “I’mma get me a big ol’ café breve, like Meg likes, an’ a Danish. You want…

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Two by Uvi Poznansky


inspired by art uvi poznanskyInspired by Art: Fall of a Giant by Uvi Poznansky, is a collection of amazing works of classical art inspired by David’s defeat of Goliath. Ms. Poznansky has gathered these beautiful pieces into one volume to share with the public. Her artist’s eye has lit upon a variety of styles, eras and masters, conveying the power and energy of this time in history. I enjoyed revisiting old favorites and finding new works to love.

Be sure to check out the historical literature by Uvi Poznansky. I highly recommend her books in The David Chronicles, which prompted her to create this eclectic collection of artworks. Rise to Power is the first book in The David Chronicles – Beautifully written and meticulously researched, this is an incredible read. I highly recommend Inspired by Art: Fall of a Giant, as well as the fascinating novels by Uvi Poznansky.

Five Golden Acorns

© 2017 Dellani Oakes


the last concubine uvi poznanskyInspired by Art: The Last Concubine (The David Chronicles Book 9) is another stunning and amazing collection of art which inspired Uvi Poznanski to write about Abishag, the last concubine of King David of Israel. Woodcuts, stained glass windows, oil paintings, etchings, illuminated texts, coins, carvings…. Some are by famous artists like Salvador Dali or Rembrandt. Others are by nameless, forgotten monks or metal workers. Though their identities are lost, their lovingly created work lives on for us to share.

Immerse yourself in the art that inspired the book. It will delight and, with luck, inspire you as well. Then, read The Last Concubine by Uvi Poznansky, or listen to the wonderful audio presentation, as I am.

I highly recommend this book for those who love fine art and history. It’s a truly incredible collection showing many different facets of the story of the last days of King David’s life.

Five Golden Acorns

© Dellani Oakes 2017

Not Just Another Typical Vampire Book – Hooray!


Barry and the Vampire in the Rosedale Encounter by an indie author, Darrell Bartell, isn’t your typical vampire story at all. That’s one thing I like most about it. Barry McElroy is a teenager who lives in a less than glamorous part of town. He’s a target for bullies and thugs, but this particular night, things go horribly wrong—until the vampire jumps in and helps him.

Casey Appleton, resident vampire, has no desire to continue a friendship with Barry and goes out of her way to keep him at a distance. However, when her niece runs away from home, she and Barry team up to find her. What happens along the way? I’m not going to tell you, because I won’t give spoilers. But it’s surprising and fantastic—and, as I said, not your typical vampire book.

No one sparkles, or does interviews. There are no ancient vampire males lusting after young ingenues. Casey is driven by the desire to keep her niece from meeting her fate, and reluctantly asks Barry for his help. Barry is motivated by a strong sense of honor, and the hope that he might find his missing father.

Bartell has an engaging, easy going style that really pulls a reader in and keeps interest until the end. I highly recommend Barry and the Vampire in the Rosedale Encounter to anyone who wants an exciting adventure book – sans sparkles.

Five Golden Acorns

© Dellani Oakes 2017

barry and the vampire



Cereal Authors

“The First’s face hovered a hand’s width from his own. “You have earned what is coming next, you canker on the asshole of a leprous dog.””
― from “Blade of the Destroyer: The Last Bucelarii: Book 1”
Kat to Lucas from A WOLFS SAVAGE EMBRACE by Darlene Kuncytes book 2 Supernatural Desire series 

JAMAICA DEAD (LAURA & GERRY Book 5) by [VAUGHAN, KAREN]“Did someone drop you from the top of an ugly tree? I’ve seen some scary looking guys but brother you take de cake!”MARY



Surau gazed over Riley’s…

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Music Behind the Story from The Maker by Dellani Oakes


Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

As many of you know, I love listening to music when I write. I don’t usually put together a specific playlist for a story, but I do like to give my characters theme songs. I particularly like to do this for such dynamic characters as Wil, Matilda and Marc. Wil is easy to find a theme song for. He’s led a life of violence, mayhem, assassination and war, leaving chaos in his wake. Any song depicting violence is a good one for him, but I have two in particular that I like. The one I usually tell people, because the title isn’t as offensive, is Bodiesby Drowning Pool. The first line is “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor….” Wil’s professional life in a nutshell.

My second (and personal favorite of the two) Is Die Mother Fucker Die by Dope. Much more offensive title and lyrics (I won’t quote them…

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A Time To Write


Cereal Authors

I wear dual hats, writer, author, and publisher. It’s not always easy, but I’ve learned and continue to acquire new knowledge in this ever-changing industry of publishing. When I write, I can’t wear my ‘work’ hat, it ruins creativity. And when I work, I can’t write. It’s not unusual for hundreds of manuscripts to end up in my inbox. If I choose to send them out for review, that will be the deciding factor if we take them on. I see a lot of pieces, and we have talented award-winning authors on our label, but I can honestly say few pieces are written as beautifully as 50 HOURS by Loree Lough, and that is the truth.


FRANCO ALLESSI is a broken, lonely man who wants nothing more than to outrun the ghosts of his past. For years, he tries to numb the pain of his wife’s death with…

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Outtakes from The Maker – Book 3 Lone Wold Series by Dellani Oakes


Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Dellani

The Maker frontAs I’ve mentioned before, not every scene makes it to the final draft. The Maker was worse than some. Apparently, I had a lot to say in this book. A lot of it wasn’t necessary, so I made the tough choice to cut it out. One such scene follows.

Ben is trying to keep Wil occupied so he won’t dwell on something that’s happened. He decides the best way to distract him is to give him the workout to end all. After hitting the heavy bag, Ben asks the sentient ship, Hammer, for something special from his youth.

Ben picked up a whiplike weapon, weighing it, feeling it’s balance.

“I didn’t know you used these. Don’t see them often any more, they quit making them about thirty years ago.”

“Yeah, I got that about fifty-three years ago. I can’t remember what the damn thing is called.”

Ben eyed the…

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