Lone Wolf by Dellani Oakes

Lone Wolf by Dellani Oakes

The year is 3032 and Mankind has conquered the stars. Two organizations control the majority of the business and trade: The Navigation Guild and The Galactic Mining Guild. Both vying for supremacy, the balance of power is often in flux. Now, though, the Mining Guild has a secret, the largest known deposit of Trimagnite—the liquid ore that’s life’s blood for the Navigation Guild. That’s just the tip of the iceberg and it’s up to Wil VanLipsig, the Lone Wolf, and Matilda DuLac to control the situation before it’s too late.


Now Also Available in Audiobook!

Narrated by Matt Dunbar



I have long been a fan of Dellani Oakes’ writing style. I love her flair for the romantic and yet she has utterly stolen my heart with her Lone Wolf series.
As a Science Fiction fan, I was charmed, enthralled, and completely entertained by her first book Lone Wolf.
In Ms. Oakes ’sequel to Lone Wolf, Shakazhan I found the same mesmerizing qualities I loved about the first in this series. The story set in deep space in 3032 is a true masterpiece for a Sci-Fi buff like I am. It contains plenty of action and suspense with some twists and turns that will surprise and delight the reader.
As an avid reader I highly recommend this book for both the Sci-Fi buff and the reader of romance.

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